An Exam For Strong-Willed

One of the best things about our courses as our students say is mashup, a test at the end of every module. There are 7-8 of them along the course. What does mashup stand for? It means to confuse, to mess you up. What’s the catch here?

The aim of this test is to see if students can think logically and apply their knowledge in situations close to real which can be really messy.

Mashup usually consists of 5 questions that might look simple. But to answer them you’ll have to remember everything you’ve learned or find some new information. Our students say that sometimes during mashups they learn more than during the lectures.

For example, while doing the tasks students encounter lots of different problems which they have to solve on the go. So the tasks which seemed to be easy turned out to be really challenging just like in real life.Moreover, you have to meet the deadline.

Let us give you an example. Your task seems to be easy – to install FTP Client. This is usually done with a command “yum install ftp”. But, when you try to run the command, you receive “No Internet Access” Error. Once you solve a problem with the network – you get another problem straight away “Host not found”.  And now you need to understand, that there is no DNS setup and fix it. It seems to be all OK, and you try to run the command  “yum install ftp” once again. BUT you’ll get another issue ‘No space left on device” and you are starting to find a way to increase storage space.

In the end, an error that initially looked like a primitive task turns into a non-trivial troubleshooting with a tight deadline, just like in real life.

So the mashups is the opportunity for our students to experience what it’s like to do the job. In addition, this format trains stress resilience, search skills as you can use everything you want: google, your notes, educational videos. The only thing which is forbidden is to communicate with each other. If you are stuck, teachers help you out by giving a hint at a certain point. This affects the overall grade, but helps you  overcome a deadlock and continue to solve the problems.

80% of our students say that mashups is one of the things they like most in the course.

So, why do they like it so much?

It gives you a sense of achievement. It feels so nice to be a winner and boost your knowledge and skills.



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