Linux & Network Administration

Linux & Network administration

Free of charge, lasts 5 months, from scratch

About our course

Course is totally

free of charge

From scratch,

course lasts 5 months

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Graduates will get

a certificates

Our Linux & Network Administration course is free of charge and lasts 5 months. The enrolment process includes an entrance test and an interview.

No previous IT educational background or experience is necessary. You need to be prepared to spend 4-5 hours a week  on classroom sessions (theory and practice) and not less than 10-15 hours a week on self-study.

Read the “Questions and Answers” section for more detailed information about the course.

Students who are enrolled in the course automatically receive

access to our distance learning system,

all materials on the topics (videos, presentations, quick instructions),

class-room sessions twice a week for each group,

practical tasks,

feedback on your homework and answers to any questions,

online support provided  by two teachers  and two assistants.

46 classroom sessions

with teachers

100+ hours of
video lectures

30 lab work &

practical tasks

4 quizzes, 4 mash-ups in the of each module

Who is it for?

High school students who see their future in IT

IT students who plan to work in their senior year of college

Non-professional specialists wishing to change their life and start an IT career

Anyone who wants to be an IT specialist, but has little or no experience in this field

Why Choose Us?☝️

The PortaOne Education Center was founded in 2008. So it’s over 13  years of successful educational work.

More than nine hundred and fifty students have received IT qualifications through our courses.

Lots of success stories and encouraging examples of growth. You can read the stories of our graduates by clicking here.

Course instructors and mentors

Khyzhniak Andrii

Our Education Manager has been teaching at the PortaOne Education Center since 2008 when the project was launched. Over 300 students have graduated from the Education Center under his mentorship, 149 of them became PortaOne colleagues.

Roman Volkov

Roma joined the company in 2012. Since then more than two hundred students have successfully completed their studies, 78 of whom became part of the PortaOne team.

Maxim Pogorelets

He is a teaching assistant who prepares and reviews materials for classes, helps students with practical assignments, answers questions that arise during the learning process

Oleksandr Vlasenko

He is a teaching assistant who participates in interactive sessions with students and helps them in solving any practical problems.


Module Linux

computer and operating systems (architecture, components)

command line, Bash shell, selection parameters, command attributes and keys, basic cat, tail utilities

utilities cat, tail,

file systems (fdisk, tune2fs, mount),

files, directories and archives (file, grep, gzip, bzip2, tar),

processes (lsof, strace, ps, pstree, top) and inter-processor communication (system visions, input/output streams, channels)

user, super-user, access rights

screen utilities and session control

installing and updating the software (repositories, yum, rpm)

system utilities (Systemctl, Cron)

Networks Module

Functionality of IP networks

The OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol stack

Data transmission levels in the network – physical, channel, network transport and application


Utilities: ip, tcpdump, traceroute, nmap, nc, netstat, ss

Addressing and routing in IP environments

File transfer and remote work with the server

Network modeling in Packet Tracer and traffic analyzer – Wireshark

Security in the network – iptables

MySQ module

Installing and working with Percona MySQL DBMS

Setting up MySQL, basic SQL records, data backup

Work with users and useful programs

Maintenance of replication

Web server application Module

Installing and configuring the Apache Web server

Optimization of the server speed

Installation and setup of virtual hosts

Encryption: HTTPS and SSL certificates

Operation of the LAMP stack

Module Technical troubleshooting

Finding and solving problems with the server settings

Diagnostic tools for server speed

Optimizing server speed

You acquire

Up-to-date knowledge of Linux management, computer networks, relational databases, web servers – you can set up a web server, database server, set up replication, etc.

Basics of IP telephony at the level of signaling protocols and transmission of voice data

Troubleshooting skills necessary for a successful career in technical support, you will be able to find and solve problems with server speed

A certificate from the PortaOne Educational Center provided you have completed the course, passed all tests and practical assignments

Opportunity to start working as a technical support specialist, a test engineer, a system administrator,an application engineer, and even a developer

Offer to join the PortaOne team without any additional interviews on successful completion of the courses