About us

PortaOne Education Center is a specialized training center for those who want to learn IT speciality from scratch or systematize their knowledge if you already have experience in it. Our courses are free and don’t require any specialized education or work experience, and the best graduates get job offers. 

To become our student, you need to have an interview (we pay special attention to the ability to think logically), pass an English test (nothing  difficult, but you will need English for your study as well as for your future work) and a basic IT test.

The knowledge our students acquire is enough to start working as a technical support engineer, a tester or even a developer.  It depends on the knowledge and experience you already have, and, of course, on your desire to learn and develop further.

Our courses:

Linux & Network Administration  a 4-5 month course to help you learn how to administer Linux systems and networks from scratch. The best students will be offered an opportunity to join the PortaOne team.

Become a Support Engineer  is a 3 month internship program for those with knowledge and hands-on experience with Linux and computer systems. The internship is an official part-time job.

Become a Developer  is also a three-month internship program for undergraduates/graduates of IT faculties or for those who already have programming experience.

Why us?

  • More than 10 years of successful educational work.
  • Hundreds of students obtained IT specialties thanks to our courses.
  • More than 50% of our graduates are employed in the IT sphere.
  • A huge number of #successstories and encouraging examples of career growth

Our contacts:

For any questions, please contact us through our social networks:

or write to portaone.education@gmail.com

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