Become a Developer


Become a Developer – a three-month paid internship program. Graduates that show good results are offered a developer position. The program is an official part-time job which you can combine with your primary job or studies.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to improve skills as a software developer in an IT company under the guidance of an experienced mentor. If you are an undergraduate / a graduate with IT as your major or you already have experience in programming, it might be of interest to you.

What do you learn?

  • You will gain understanding into modern approaches to software development (Agile-development, git, gerrit, Docker containers, etc.);
  • Get and develop the skills necessary for a successful career
  • Gain practical experience in programming  in real (or  close to real) projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • The Internship takes place online. Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours a day, including office hours.

How to apply?

Please leave your contact information and we will contact you before the start of the program.