Working at 18? Easy!

Working at 18? Easy! And our today’s guest Darya Rudnyk @rollex_02.13 successfully demonstrates that  it’s possible.

– Dariya, how did you find out about the internship?

Actually, from various sources: word of mouth, boards at the University and posts in social networks.

– How come you decided to give it a try? After all, most people think that first-year students are not competitive enough.

If it wasn’t for my friends who did the course, I would not have taken the first step, because I really thought that it didn’t make sense to apply for the course with no experience. But they insisted I should try.  So I would like to emphasize – do not be afraid, everything is possible. The main thing is persistence, diligence and a desire to learn.

– Have you ever had any experience with Linux, networks, databases?

Not really. My first year at the university  was not efficient  due to quarantine, distance learning, and so on. So I can say that I had zero knowledge of the subject. What I really had was enthusiasm and desire to make most of my summer. And knowledge of English, of course. When I finished school I already had a B2 level. It is difficult in  IT field without English

– What did you expect from the program?

I don’t know. It was clear that there would be intensive classes, brainstorming every day. I wanted to get as much experience as possible, but I couldn’t imagine that I would also get a job offer.

– Were there any doubts before you started the program?

Of course. I was very disappointed by the lack of experience. I do not like to lag behind, but I realized that there will be more experienced students in the program. I wondered how they would perceive me and whether I would be able to become a part of the team.

– How much time  did you have to spend on your study?

4 hours daily  as a mandatory part. But additionally, I spent about 2 hours watching video lectures (in x2 mode), revising, and taking notes.

– What turned out to be the most difficult?

The pace. Every day a new topic, new knowledge, new tasks. This is not an ordinary training, but a really intensive course. I had to stretch myself, but it was worth it.

– Were there any pleasant surprises?

Yeah, I was impressed by the fact that the interns were provided with equipment. I do not know how to comment on it. It’s just cool.

– What can you tell us about the mentors?

It was easy. I attended early sessions, and sometimes evening ones, and two of the mentors are very friendly and ready to help solve any problem. What is really nice is their sense of humor. It boosts your mood even in difficult situations.

–  Have you managed to fulfill all your plans?

Even more! That was a spoiler at the beginning of the interview.  I got a job offer and now I’m working as a Junior Support Engineer.

– What would you say to future interns?

Do not just listen, hear your mentor out. After all, in many questions there is a hint to the answer, you just need to find the right way. This is much cooler than when you get an answer on a plate. By the way, I’ve got a tip to share. If you have difficulties understanding material, you can attend an evening session and revisit it with a different teacher. And about applying for the course. What are you waiting for? You should not be sitting and hesitating. It’s better to risk and fulfill your dreams.

– Dasha, what now? How do you combine work and education?

It is a great advantage that I can work part-time. I have to miss some of my classes, but I have an individual training plan, so I have to learn the material on weekends.

We hope you enjoyed spending your 5 minutes with us. And if you want to create your own success story, register for our Linux &Networks course.

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